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Military lawyer Gary Myers founded the firm that would become Daniel Conway & Associates in 1973 with the goal of providing members of the military with trustworthy and aggressive representation. We believe in treating service members fairly, representing them aggressively, and working with our clients to minimize the burdens they are dealing with.

Our team has defended military members in some of the most significant cases in military history, including My Lai, Abu Ghraib, Haditha, and more. As a Captain in the JAG corps, Mr. Myers became involved in the My Lai trials. This would be the start of a lengthy career that would involve taking on some of the most complex and difficult criminal trials to ever take place in recent military history.

A Team You Can Trust

Meet our military criminal defense attorneys:

As a result of the high-profile cases our team frequently handle, our firm has been featured in the news on several occasions. These stories can tell you a little more about the complex work our team is familiar and comfortable with. You can also review our client testimonials and case results to learn more about us.

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