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Being faced with a mandatory urinalysis test can be scary, no matter the circumstances. These tests are often associated with accusations of other crimes, such as drug use, drunk driving, or drunkenness on duty. If you've tested positive for any illegal substance, your military career could be at risk.

At Gary Myers, Daniel Conway & Associates, we have successfully protected the rights of individuals like yourself who have been accused of alcohol or drug-related offenses related to urinalysis results. Our military command urinalysis attorneys use 100 years of combined experience and proven skills to protect our clients' futures and careers.

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How Our Firm Can Help

Random drug testing is common in the military since service members are held to high standards. While urinalysis is not the only means of drug testing, it is the most common and testing can come without warning.

With years of experience come endless resources and a network of professionals who can be used to the advantage of your case, such as urinalysis experts or toxicologists. Our goal when investigating positive urinalysis results is to look for mistakes that could support your innocence.

A few factors that we may bring into question include:

  • Accidental or innocent ingestion
  • Medication that can result in a false positive
  • Forensic/drug laboratory testing procedures
  • Method of sample collection and storage

Trust Gary Myers, Daniel Conway & Associates with Your Case

At our firm, we get many cases from clients who think their future is bleak. However, it is important to remember that your case is not over until a conviction has been reached. If you are simply under investigation or if charges have been pressed, you can hire a military command urinalysis lawyer and we can build a defense on your behalf.

Our top priority when we take on your case is to investigate the claims against you and protect you against the possible consequences. While your situation may still seem bleak, also know that the prosecution's case against you is likely not ironclad. You should have the opportunity to tell your side of the story and we are here to aggressively protect your rights.

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