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As a member of the military, you are likely aware that there are specific criminal offenses for which you can be accused that can lead to a court-martial. The results of a court-martial can result in the loss of your rank, your career, and your freedom. Legally, you have the right to have a military court-martial defense attorney present and you should.

When you hire Gary Myers, Daniel Conway & Associates, you can trust that you're being protected by a dedicated, experienced legal team. We understand just how serious the military justice system is and how much is on the line.

Types of Court-Martials

Once a person serving in the military is accused of a crime - regardless of the crime - they will have to go through a legal process that is very different from a civilian criminal process. Every step of the way, from pre-trial hearings to sentencing for a conviction, military regulations and laws will be applied.

The steps involved in a court-martial and the subsequent outcome can be confusing and having a lawyer to help you navigate them is essential. Our firm has more than 100 years of combined experience representing military personnel.

If you've been accused of a crime, you will be subjected to one of the many types of court-martials, including:

  • Summary Court-Martial: This is the lowest level of the court-martial process and typically involves minor incidents. The process is simplified so that cases can be resolved quickly. You may have counsel present, although you have fewer rights in this type of court-martial. If you are found guilty, you could confinement, restrictions, wage forfeiture, and a lowered rank.
  • Special Court-Martial: Typically, this type of court-martial involves fewer people: a judge and three or more officers. This court-martial is used for misdemeanor crimes and the penalties may include pay forfeiture and confinement.
  • General Court-Martial: The most serious court-martial, a general court-martial is used to try felony offenses like child pornography, murder, and sexual assault. The penalties that can be imposed upon conviction are extremely serious. This may include incarceration, dishonorable discharge, and even death in some cases.

Get an Experienced Legal Team On Your Side

If you face a general court-martial, you understand exactly what is at stake, from your military career to your freedom. However, if you face a summary or special court-martial, you should still take the proceedings very seriously.

At Gary Myers, Daniel Conway & Associates, we strive to protect our clients' rights, ensure you understand your options and work to avoid a conviction. As experienced military court-martial defense lawyers, we have seen all types of situations and know how to best defend you.

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