Client Testimonials

We are proud to have represented countless members of the military in our decades of practice. When facing criminal charges, you need a lawyer you can trust to make your case a priority and provide you with personalized legal representation. Here, you can read personal stories from previous clients about their case and the counsel that we provided to them.

"Achieved the best possible result preserving my career and financial future"

I was very fortunate to work with this firm. Brian handled my case and was very professional, prompt, and informative throughout. He identified details from my personnel file that I had not noticed. His work resulted in the cancellation of my service academy debt which has saved my financial future and hopes of providing stability for my family. The level of knowledge and experience in this firm is unmatched and highly recommended. Even if you believe you have no options left, give them a call!

Anon Louisville, KY

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      "I wanted to thank you for your help with our case. We were surprised at the many roadblocks we met with this command, and are so grateful your firm was there to assist us."

      Dear Gary, I wanted to thank you for your help with our case. We were surprised at the many roadblocks we met with this command, and are so grateful your firm was there to assist us. We were so pleased working with you as well as with Brian, who was exceptionally knowledgeable and smart. Beyond that, working with Brian was just very pleasant, and he really helped guide us through what proved to be a much more complex and contentious process than what I think any of us anticipated. We are delighted A. is staying ashore in the meantime to address his medical issues and credit solely the assistance Brian and your firm have provided. Thank you for all your help. We plan to be in touch after the adsep decision is made to consider our next step vis-vis A.'s Article 15. In the meantime, please accept our profound gratitude. All best.

      M and A. Norfolk, VA

      "I was facing a possible sexual assualt allegation. Mr. Conway helped me collect evidence of my innocence and we were able to avoid any charges."

      Anon Destin, FL
      "Professional and attentive!"

      "I was facing a possible sexual assualt allegation. Mr. Conway helped me collect evidence of my innocence and we were able to avoid any charges."

      Anonymous Destin, FL
      "Mr. Conway handled my case with the upmost professionalism and was extremely knowledgeable in every area of the proceedings. Hiring this firm was the best choice! They saved my career for sure!"

      I am forever appreciative and thankful to Mr. Conway and this organization. Their experience and knowledge of the UCMJ is top of the line. They are the best in the business by far.

      JP Camp Pendleton, CA
      "Not guilty of Article 120"

      For the past year I have been suffering from depression, not knowing where I am going to end up in my career, my mothers broken heart along mine and preventing me from deploying twice. These are just a fraction of what I have gone through because of a female I met in deployment that wanted revenge for me not having mutual feelings towards her and along with some other factors. So she falsely accused me of sexual assault. I swear Daniel Conway is an angel that was sent to help me. There is no one like Daniel Conway when it comes to relaying the truth to the judge and panel. The truth came out like a song put together perfectly. By the third day the panel already had the impression that it was all fabricated. By Friday I was not guilty. I am grateful for MCM Military Law firm because they saved my career and my mothers future and well being. You won’t regret doing business with MCM Military Law.

      Anonymous Glendale, AZ


      Sgt D ANAHEIM, CA
      "Better result than I could have hope for!"

      A drug case was supposed to be an almost guaranteed seperation with OTH or at best General. But Mr. Galli was an absolute legend inside the board. We achieved retention in the Navy against the odds and I now get to continue to serve today. This IS who you should call if you find yourself needing serious help.

      Oscar Charlestown, MA
      "Characterization of Service-Upgraded!"

      I thank Mr. Myers and Mr. Galli for taking on my case and providing competent legal counsel during my Naval Discharge Review Board hearing. I am very pleased with their work and communication throughout the entire NDRB process-which is a lengthy one... One needs a competent lawyer at one's side during one of these hearings! I thank you again.

      Anonymous Saint Petersburg, FL
      "This team understand the complexities and nuances of military law, and they also care about improving the lives of their clients."

      After being titled while in the military, despite being found not guilty at my Article 15 hearing with all charges dropped, my FBI background check has prevented me from various forms of employment during my past 2 years post-Army. Gary Myers and Brian Pristera are working to appeal my titling, and in the meantime, Brian wrote a fantastic, detailed and compelling Opinion Letter, explaining the titling process and contextualizing my situation, helping me pass my FBI background check and sign a contract with a new employer. I’m very grateful for the knowledge, expertise and dedication of this firm. Going up against a UCMJ action, even when innocent of any crimes, demands expert legal aid. This team understands the complexities and nuances of military law, and they also care about improving the lives of their clients. They have my full confidence and I am very grateful for their assistance and efforts.

      Anon Baltimore, MD
      "Standing Up for the Little Guy"

      Dan Conway was instrumental in righting the wrongs during an investigation that went unchecked prior to his arrival. In the end, there couldn't have been a more desirable outcome. I cant recommend both Dan and this firm enough if / when you find yourself in a bind. Pleading your case to the military is a daunting task and this is the team you want in your corner when it's required.

      Marine Iwakuni, IT
      "Don't go it alone, get Gary Myers Team behind you."

      I was informed by company that my Security Clearance is suspended after a background investigation. I was devastated, my job is now on the line. After contemplating doing the appeal by myself. I decided to seek representation. After doing some web research, and calling a few Lawyers and Law Services, I talked with Mr. Gary Myers, he called me back right away on a Friday afternoon! I explain the facts of my situation, while giving no guarantees he explained that he thinks he can help and that he has a very good Attorney to work my case, Mr. Brian Pristeria. After all the Lawyers I talked to Mr. Myers was the easiest to talk to, he was clear and precise, he got me focused on the information and materials I needed to send to him and Mr. Pristeria. Mr. Pristeria was Professional, detailed and easy to work with. He counseled and guided me every step of the way. When Mr. Pristeria called and told me my Clearance was granted, I literally fell out of my chair. I owe the continuation of my Career to Mr. Myers and Mr. Pristeria. This Team is the Very Best Representation you can get!!! I Thank you for what you do in the highest way!!! -TF

      TF Orlando, FL
      "Preserved my Family's Future"

      There are no words of gratitude that would fully express the appreciation I have for Mr. Pristera. After a 19 year military career the military was preparing to early discharge me for a false accusation. While stationed in SK I received a GOMOR for falsifying a PT test. While in SK I did not have any representation so the GOMOR was filed in my permanent records. This in turn a year later triggered HRC to flag me for early separation. The odds were definitely stacked against me. Mr Pristera dug into every aspect of my situation and prepared a rock solid defense for my Board of Inquiry. In the end the BOI found me not guilty of Falsifying a PT test and not guilty of Conduct Unbecoming of an Officer and voted to retain me in service, preserving my career and the future of my family. There are no words that can describe the load lifted from my shoulders. My advice to anyone facing similar circumstances is to talk to the folks at the law firm of Gary Myers, Daniel Conway and Associates. Mr Pristera thank you so very much again for preserving my career and retirement. CW3(P)

      Saved My Career Fort Eustis, VA
      "Helped me save my career!"

      I was facing some legal matters that could have been career ending, or even some jail time. Amy Stone was part of my team of representation and I couldn’t have done any better. She went above and beyond, ultimately helping prove my innocence! Thank you!

      BP White, GA
      "There is HOPE!"

      Mr. Conway is the BEST Lawyer in the game HANDS DOWN. I contacted Gary Myers, Daniel Conway & Associates after my charges were preferred. I was facing an allegation of the “Intent to commit Sexual Assault”. Due to the climate of the “ME TOO” movement, this was a big deal and everyone within my chain of command began to distance themselves. I began to feel hopeless, so I decided to hire civilian counsel. Within two hours after I submitted my information online, Mr. Myers returned my call. He assured me that everything would be fine and said that Mr. Conway would be contacting me shortly; which he did. Mr. Conway and I discussed the allegation and the way ahead. His meticulous attention to detail allowed him to dissect my case and extrapolate the facts. During the lead up to my trial, he analyzed the evidence and dissected the testimonies. During the case, it all sounded like a well-organized symphony. He was able to convince the jury of the many inconsistencies. Having him on my team, I felt at ease not only due to his expertise but how long that he has been practicing. I thank God that I contacted him. I was found “NOT GUILITY!”

      Satisifed Wichita, KS
      "Appeal through BCNR"

      After being found Not Guilty at SPCM I was pushed out of the Corps three years later for failing to maintain the high standards of a Marine. I looked everywhere for someone that could help me. It seemed as though there was no hope of saving the 17 years 11 months and 16 days I had given to my country. I came across a link and emailed Gary Myers, he called me right back. We briefly went over details and he told me Daniel Conway was the man for the job and he would pass all details over to him. Daniel drafted up a letter to the BCNR detailing my clean service record and enthusiastic recommendations for retention from my previous command. He was highly familiar with regulations under title 10 and addressed those as well. A straight, to the point letter, addressing our desires from the board with supporting documentation gave us the win. After being out for roughly 20 months and waiting a decision for 16 months from BCNR, I am being re-instated to AD with constructive credit for time, and all pay and dues. Plus I am getting remedial promotion consideration with back date. These guys get the job done when no one else is willing to try. Highly professional, with unmatched UCMJ and title 10 knowledge. I can’t thank them enough.

      Mitchell Watkinsville, GA
      "Highly Recommend"

      Mr. Pristera gave me a voice as a sexual assault victim. For two years the Army reserve swept my case under the rug. The Army Reserve staff repeatedly lost my paperwork and failed to process simple administrative actions regarding my case. Mr. Pristera knew exactly who to contact to ensure the proper action was taken. He always responded to my questions promptly, and he was very informative. The Army Reserve staff frequently loses paperwork or delays actions until you have given up on them. Mr. Pristera makes things happen, and will not let you be ignored.

      Jessica Norfolk, VA
      "Mrlevel of knowledge. After consulting with many lawyers who were top Google hits like Mr. Dan, this person who I was helping realized jointly that their non-drug abuse offense, logically, had legs to stand on based on Mr. Dan's unique attack vectors towa"

      Above average level of knowledge. After consulting with many lawyers who were top Google hits like Mr. Dan, this person who I was helping realized jointly that their non-drug abuse offense, logically, had legs to stand on based on Mr. Dan's unique attack vectors toward the accusers. Furthermore, the experts on his team, provided same-day affidavits for our last minute hire, which left me duly impressed--it was a weekend, and they needed their defense package by Monday.

      Jack New York, NY
      "Things I look for in a lawyer, which Mr. Dan has better than all I've encountered for the DOD: 1) Intelligence/asks many questions 2) Conversational and not nerdy (better connection with command or jury) 3) Meticulousness 4) Voice and Speech / Gravitas. 5)"

      Above average level of knowledge. After consulting with many lawyers who were top Google hits like Mr. Dan to help a friend, my friend decided Mr. Dan was Superior to the others. My best friend had a positive urinalysis which was shocking, but it was a non-drug abuse offense. After speaking to Mr. Dan Conway, we were satisfied. He brought up critical arguments that none of the other lawyers we spoke to brought up. For their very last minute case, the experts on his team provided same-day analysis which supported this my friend's theory on why they were positive. It was a very in-depth analysis on the substance innocently ingested. The other lawyers didn't have the connections Mr. Dan had to deliver fast analysis from a career subject matter expert. You remember that smart kid from class that you hated hearing. Don't get a lawyer who doesn't move you when he or she speaks. Mr. Dan knows how to communicate. He's got a resonating, wonderful voice that is reassuring to listen to. He connects with you on a human level because he wants you to succeed. The ability to connect with people is powerful before a jury or a chain of command. Highly recommend. He's meticulous and as a military lawyer, he will give you one of the best shots at the best possible result.

      John Miami, FL
      "You were there during the initial phase of my journey when we filed to have my GOMOR moved into the restricted were always forward and clear in expectations, the outcome as successful and the board comments proved that you need to have the righ"

      I wanted to give you an update on my PRB results, i know we had been thinking sometime in September however, i was notified last week and i also received my promotion orders back dated to last year (Sep 2019). I want to thank you personally for all your help in this matter, your experience and approach has been a significant driver in this entire outcome....i couldn't have asked for a better Firm to represent me with all that i had on the line. You were there during the initial phase of my journey when we filed to have my GOMOR moved into the restricted were always forward and clear in expectations, the outcome as successful and the board comments proved that you need to have the right representation when dealing with your career. That is why i elected to go with you again for the PRB, without hesitation! My family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts and want to share this good news with you ad your team!

      Anonymous Officer Anonymous, CO
      "Keep Fighting for your innocence"

      I just want to say, Thank you to Mr.Joseph Galli for helping me get my Honorable Discharge and a chance to join back in. I was discharged with a OTH because of a sexual assault allegation even though I had proof proving my innocence and the proof showing the lies that OSI made in their statement stating that I stated I committed the unforgivable act. Once I got discharged I found Mr. Galli and told him my story and he couldn’t believe I was discharged. We went through the process submitting all the inconsistencies with the case and lack of justice and sure enough we won. I’m not finished because now I’m trying to join back in and get back my career that was taken from me. Thank you again. Mr. Galli

      Anonymous Palmdale, CA
      "Full Acquittal of Sexual Assault"

      Brian Pristera and Dan Conway literally saved my life. I was an Army Officer facing an accusation of sexual assault. In this day in age, in the military, that is a life and death situation. I sought out recommendations for the best possible attorney. Two friends, both lawyers themselves, both recommended Brian Pristera. I met with Mr. Pristera and quickly retained him and Mr. Conway. They did a remarkable job and secured a full acquittal. NOT GUILTY OF ALL CHARGES. It is very difficult to place your life and future are in someone else’s hands, but they came through big time. Mr. Pristera and Mr. Conway not only beat the prosecution: they ran circles around the prosecution. It was like watching adults play with children. It was brutal. Mr. Conway absolutely destroyed the CID agent who was supposedly the government’s star witness. By the end of Mr. Conway’s cross examination, the agent wasn’t even trying to defend his sloppy investigation – he just hung his head and answered “I don’t know” to at least a dozen consecutive questions. It was almost sad to see a man that defeated – but it wasn’t that sad. Meanwhile, Mr. Pristera was simply incredible. He was always responsive, prepared, and professional. Day in and day out he was on the ball, tirelessly masterminding a brilliant defense. Hiring Mr. Pristera and Mr. Conway was the best decision I ever made.

      Army Officer Washington, DC
      "Great lawyer"

      Dan & Gary worked with my daughter in law in a manslaughter/murder case. It was a long 3 year battle and we thought the Court Martial would go to trial, but the case was dismissed. Dan's presentation during the Article 32 hearing was convincing although the case was still sent forward for trial. Still he continued to challenge CID's findings causing the CG and JAG to have all charges dismissed pre-trail date. Thank you and may god bless you.

      SFC (Retired) Oscar Manners Ft Polk, LA
      "BEST EVER!"

      THE BEST EVER!!! I had been going thru an investigation for almost 3yrs and the ARMY tried to mess me up reading my charges and wanting a preliminary hearing In less then a month with serious charges..I spoke with Mr. Conway in less then a week and him and his team what was going on...I have been in the military for almost 14yrs at the time and been thru over 3 DTS lawyers (some tried some didn't care-cus of the amount of cases put on em). But when I say Mr. Conway took the case head on and went on full blown, I rarely had to do anything cus his team and himself so professionally and trust worthy I didn't have to relive the terrible experience I had. The law firm did all the could without hindering my mental state and I will fully disclose that him and his team is the best! I had always trusted the military to do right but after going thru my situation, I have learnt that they- the army is not at ur side when u need em the most! Mr. Conway took reign and went on the case like he dealing with someone close to him! when I say He is the best plus his team, they are! it took the CID in fort polk to frame me for craziness...once I hired him, everything went the opposite. Please, if u ever look for a great lawyer if you in the service...I recommend them!!! Not to bad mouth TDS or whatever but I 100% recommend this law firm! I too felt hopeless but if you hire them they will ensure justice for you!!! I will 4ever grateful and can't express how thankful I am to Mr. Conway! To my fellow soldiers, please know that no matter how much u trust the system it will not have your back. sad to say but if you ever need any assistance..reach out to this law firm cus they will take care of you! if u in Fort Polk, you will need them! thank you again Mr. Conwat, I can't express how much i and my family appreciate you! I will continue to refer u and your team to who anyone I know!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my lil kiddos

      "“The most professional lawyers I’ve ever met! They treated me like family from day one!”"

      When I popped positive for accidentally taking Percocet in October, my wife and I immediately went on the hunt for reliable yet inexpensive lawyers. We found Mr Myers and Mr Galli, and thank God we did! From the moment I told them my situation, they reassured me that not only would they wholeheartedly represent me, they would help me beat what seemed like an almost certain early exit from the Navy! Thanks to them, I am now free of any wrongdoing, kept my current rank and pay, and can finally move into a more certain future!!!

      M.B. San Diego, CA
      "The Best Defense Available"

      When I was first falsely accused of misconduct, I did some quick internet searches for military defense law firms online. I narrowed my options down to a few and made some calls after normal business hours. Mr. Conway and his firm called me back within 30 minutes. I explained my situation to them and immediately they began explaining the process to me and what I was facing. After speaking with Mr. Conway, I started to get back some hope. Although the process took over a year to complete, Mr. Conway knew exactly what to expect and predicted everything that happened. Every time something new came up, Mr. Conway was available for a call to walk me off the ledge. During my board, I was amazed at his ability to recall detailed information that made the prosecution look like they were woefully underprepared. Without Mr. Daniel Conway's help, my career would have been over. I was cleared by my board of any and all wrongdoing and restored to full duty status. I owe him my life. Thank you Mr. Conway for all your help! You and your team are without a doubt the best military defense attorney's available today!

      Former Client Louisiana, LA
      "Brian Pristera had a greater impact on my Army career than any other person or experience. I will forever be grateful to him."

      False accusations are real, and terrifying. Even after a CID investigation fully exonerated me of the several baseless allegations of sexual misconduct, command nonetheless sought to eliminate me for consensually fraternizing with an enlisted Soldier more than half a decade before. Brian Pristera was a godsend. At the “show cause” Board of Inquiry to which command sent me (with an OTH notification), he strategically developed a strong case on my behalf. I was retained, and am now finally able to submit my resignation while looking forward to an Honorable characterization of service and no misconduct on the DD Form 214. Brian was responsive, he was patient with me as I shared my anxieties, he took my case seriously and—most importantly—he gave me room to be a part of the process. He valued my thoughts and emotional needs in a very trying period of my life. I will leave the Army seeing it for the dark and sinister bureaucracy it has become. Through multiple combat tours and over ten years, I saw bravery and camaraderie… only to then be exposed to the politics and disregard for the falsely accused. Brian Pristera, however, is the rare bright spot in my 15-month ordeal and I will forever be grateful to him.

      Army Officer Fort Bragg, NC

      My career and future was on the line. Mr Conways experience and confidence comforted me going through that fear of the unknown. I needed that very much going through the investigation and the months of stress. Mr Conway is a natural born lawyer I can say. He will clear your name and find the truth just like he did for me. Thank you from my family for saving us.

      Available on Request
      "Outstanding Work, Litigation, and Moral Support"

      Mr. Brad Simon upheld the upmost professionalism and work I have ever saw in a courtroom. I hired him in June of 2022, from his weekly/almost daily check in's with me I was able to stress less and continue my job performance. I would recommend him to anyone who needs any help with legal matters. I am so thankful for Mr. Simon for saving my career. I was told from other attorneys that my legal team is the best of the best and now that my court martial has ended I can clearly see why that was said. 10/10 would recommend. Thank you again Mr. Simon

      For Mr. Brad Simon Lousiana, LA
      "Dan saved my life!"

      I initially had another attorney that was confident in my case then changed his tune two weeks before my court martial. I contacted Dan as I needed an attorney to take my case on short notice. Dan immediately reviewed my case and was confident that he could get me a full acquittal which he ended up doing. He took my case with ease and I was constantly receiving compliments on how strong my representation was. Dan ran circles around my accuser and got her witness to admit to things that made my innocence clear to everyone. Dan's amazing performance even inspired my wife to go to law school. I highly recommend Dan to anyone looking for someone to help them in whatever situation they may face.

      Brad Fort Carson, CO
      "Job well done!"

      I just want to take the time out to really thank Daniel Conway and associates for all the help and support. I would recommend them to any one in need of an attorney with out a doubt! Also a special shout out to Brad Simon for the amazing work that he has done for me and my case. He provided amazing communication, great representation & moves with sense of urgency for me as a client.

      Anon Great lakes, IL

      Joe attacked my case swiftly and directly! I can firmly say that his defensive efforts completely surpassed my expectations! The end result was a 3/3 vote to be retained and allowed to continue honorable service to the nation! Thank you Joe!


      These guys are the absolute best for military related legal matters. They are the best in the business and they know how to get results. Don’t be intimidated, get a superior defense team on your side.

      JH Draper, UT
      "“My lawyer took on my case when it seemed hopeless...I was able to get justice for my sexual assault and my career back"

      After almost 3 years of hell, I reached out to the law firm after DASEB rejected my request and delayed informing me for 6 months. Mr. Pristeria worked with me to articulate the facts, organize my recommendation letters and address the additional circumstances regarding my sexual assault in regards to the case. Mr. Pristeria ‘s expertise, professionalism and experience helped transform my case so the injustice was transparent and concise through every administrative board and requirement. The outcome gave me and my family justice and closure in regards to my assault. Thanks to Mr. Pristeria and the firm, I have my life and active duty career back. Don’t give up without giving them the opportunity to fight for you.

      K.K Hermitage, TN
      "Justice Served"

      I was a victim of a heinous allegation that negatively impacted me professionally and personally. Attorney Galli and his team reviewed my situation and the allegations. They were the architects of a memo that enabled the Dept of the Army to look at this from an objective standpoint rather than a subjective one and the ruling was reversed. Attorney Galli helped me regain my career and life back. He is impressive.

      Army Officer Bethesda, MD
      "Gary Myers is without peer"

      I attended the University of Delaware and the Dickinson School of Law of Penn State University with Gary Myers . I can honestly say that Gary is the most brilliant man-and attorney - I have ever known . The results that Gary has achieved in military courts speak for themselves . There is no one better at what Gary does, and I wholeheartedly recommend him .

      Karl F. Loucks ii Milwaukee, WI
      "Amazing defense team"

      Mr. Galli did an exceptional job representing me at my separation board. I tested positive for THC and was facing termination of service with a general under honorable conditions characterization of service. I am a SSG and the board voted to retain me based on the evidence of unknowingly ingesting. I am so grateful for this firm they were very easy to work with and stayed true to their word of giving me the best representation that they could.

      Anon Ft. Bragg, NC
      "I would recommend this firm to any service member or federal government employee for all legal matters involving the US Government, in particular the military justice system. "

      I first became familiar with Myers, Conway, and Associates through their website which I found extensively helpful as a reference for preparing for a past legal matter, nearly on par with the actual attorney I had on retainer from a reputable (and increasingly expensive) law firm at the time! When an opportunity arose to work with this firm, I contacted Mr.Myers. First impressions: A man of Integrity with an extensive background on litigation on the federal level and military judicial system. Mr. Myers basically is a living legend of the military justice system dating back to serving as counsel in the cases such as far back as the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam! His partner Daniel Conway was the one I had the pleasure to work with, and from my experiences is an excellent attorney that carries on the firm's reputation. Not only is Mr. Conway a proven effective and aggressive litigator, but he has knack for communicating and working with clients as a member of the defense team (the defendant being the most key member of said defense team) to give the team the most effective chance at a positive outcome. I would recommend this firm to any service member or federal government employee for all legal matters involving the US Government, in particular the military justice system.

      Abel L.
      "Gary got my witnesses and recommendation letters on point and got me ready to testify at my hearing. Because of his representation I was recommended for retention. "

      Had a single act of misconduct which was positive urinalysis for THC. As an officer this was tough to fight despite the fact that my record prior to this incident had been stellar. Gary got my witnesses and recommendation letters on point and got me ready to testify at my hearing. Because of his representation I was recommended for retention. He is very good.

      Former Client
      "I received my board results and the outcome was positive. It's due to Mr. Myers experience in this area and his unwavering dedication to his clients!"

      Mr. Myers represented me as I requested an appeal to have my GOMOR moved into my restricted file. During our initial consultation he set the conditions up front by being 100% honest with expectations and NEVER misled or gave me false was going to be a challenge but he would fight for me. I spoke with several other lawyers who told me up front I had either a slim no chance or no hope for a positive outcome but he was the only one who said it would be a challenge but worth moving forward. During this entire appeal process he always ensured I was informed of how things were moving along, if I had a question or concern I could depend on him to return my calls almost immediately. Again, throughout this entire process if I had anything additional , awards, evaluations 1059s ect, he would immediately update it to my packet. I received my board results and the outcome was positive. It's due to Mr. Myers experience in this area and his unwavering dedication to his clients! I am more than satisfied with his service and would recommend him to anyone as their first choice, you will not be disappointed.

      Former Client
      "Simply put, I owe any future success of my own in the military to Mr. Myers' representation."

      Mr. Myers personally returned my cold call to his office the same day. He spoke with me at length about my administrative military issue, and the approach he would take to resolve it. Mine was not a traditional legal matter, but one which Mr. Myers was confident he could assist in nonetheless, given his extensive experience in the field. He convinced me to allow him to resolve my problem at a time I believed no resolution was possible. Mr. Myers worked on my issue immediately after I retained him, producing a draft of his work product for my review in less than a week. He allowed me to contribute based on my personal knowledge of the situation and was very responsive and professional in completing the final product. Ultimately, we were in all respects successful in resolving the matter. Simply put, I owe any future success of my own in the military to Mr. Myers' representation.

      Former Client
      "Mr. Conway provides passion and expertise that you just won't get from detailed military defense."

      I hired Mr. Conway after my first legal team was eviscerated at an article 120 court martial. Mr. Conway took on my case as it went to the appeals courts. The appeals process is very lengthy, taking sometimes up to 2 years. He was in contact with me through every stage of the process. Mr. Conway was successful in having the charges in the case set aside, and the case sent back to the lower courts for remand. Without question I hired Mr Conway for the retrial. His passion for his craft was apparent; he ran circles around the prosecution and clearly had tons more experience than the detailed military counsel who only fill the role for a 2 year rotation. The Government really is out to get you. If you end up in a court room, they aren't going to take it easy on you. Obtain competent, aggressive legal defense. Mr. Conway is one of few out there that are passionate about trial work, and feel comfortable in the courtroom. Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

      Current Client Tampa, FL
      "Money Returned!"

      Mr. Pristera helped rectify a longstanding DFAS error via the AFBCMR such that a large sum of money was returned to me.

      Grateful Naples, FL
      "Joe Gali received an abnormal result in a very complicated financial case and had my case dismissed in the Article 32 hearing a mammoth of a decision. I am forever indebted to Joe Gali and Gary Myers"

      My experience with Mr. Myers and my attorney Joe Gali was top-notch. Joe Gali is a pitbull , his extensive knowledge of military law and attention to detail is top-tier. Being former servicemembers this law firm cares about you and will do all in their power to attain the best outcome while being honest and managing expectations. If you are reading this and seeking representation look no further. Trust me! You want this team fighting for you. This is a honest testimonial from a satisfied client.

      "Having Joe Gailli and his experience was profound"

      I can not be more pleased with the decision to choose this firm. Joe painted the picture and it was pure artistry. His timing and articulation made him one of few. I had all the faith in him and, he came thru changing my life for the better. Sometimes you stumble having someone like Joe Galli in your corner to help you up can make the difference of a lifetime. He held extreme professionalism the entire time. I would highly recommend his expertise if you ever find yourself in such binding circumstances. Thank you so very much for your support and whole hearted efforts Joe Galli and Gary Myers, Daniel Conway & Associates. Sincerely SSGT Smith N.J.

      SSGT Smith Twentynine palms, CA
      "Amy did a fanatic job. I should have gotten her involved sooner"

      Amy did a fanatic job. I should have gotten her involved sooner. The whole process has been lengthy until I got her involved. Things turned out in my favor thank to her involvement.

      Client Hinesville, GA
      "There is light at the end of the tunnel."

      I contacted this Law Firm at last minute notice when I was informed about a situation I had to handle the next day. Gary Myers stayed up late that night and walked me through the process, also making sure Daniel Conway contacted me the next day. The past 1.5 years I wasn't sure what was going to happen to me. I was falsely accused on TWO accounts of Article 120 sexual Assault. Mr. Conway was by my side the entire time, he replied to my text or phone calls within minutes. He is the BEST of the BEST and he truly cares about achieving Justice. I honestly don't know what I would've done without this team. If you're ever questioning that you may or may not need a lawyer.. Just hire them, they'll take great care of you. Thanks

      Dan Conway saved my Carrer! San francisco, CA
      "Lifesaving Defense"

      I can’t imagine going through the process of a board of inquiry without anyone besides my lawyer Joe Galli. He truly came to my defense in a time of need. Facing discharge at the 10 year mark of my career was the heaviest load to carry that I’ve ever experienced in my life, and the team provided by Gary Myers served as a lifeline when I had no help. I am forever grateful for Mr. Galli. Maj K

      Anonymous Fort Walton, FL
      "They gave me hope and have secured a bright future for me after the Army"

      Gary Meyers and Joe Galli were an absolute pleasure to work with and watching them work was quite literally awe-inspiring. My chain of command was pushing for harshly punitive sanctions against me despite more than 8 years of flawless service prior to the allegations of misconduct against me. Despite my chain of command pushing for an OTH, Joe was able to secure a General Discharge at my Board of Inquiry — in addition, I will be able to complete my Med Board and receive my VA disability benefits. He fought fiercely and professionally, and I don’t think there’s another lawyer in the entire country who could have put forth a better defense on my behalf. Words cannot describe the level of gratitude I have for Gary Myers, Daniel Conway and Associates Law Firm.

      Army Officer Leesville, LA
      "Hands down the best legal representation that you can get!"

      I failed a drug test! I was shocked because I had not done anything that I was aware of. I immediately suspected what had happened. I was viciously slipped something in a drink. I had evidence of who had done this, why they had done this, & texts stating why they intended to end my career! When I went to NJP, the CO ignored all that evidence & found me guilty, despite the evidence. I even had the Command Legal Officer & Military Legal telling me that this case was so obviously apparent to what had happened. The command then turned their back on me & attempted to turn my 17 years of good conduct & excellent evaluations into a dishonorable discharge! Gary worked with me to calm my nerves & to reassure me that everything would be alright! Joe Galli flawlessly showed up to my defense & got me acquitted of the charges & got me retained for service at my ADSEP board, despite my commands attempt to ignore the evidence & discredit my 17 years of good conduct & service. If you are thinking about whether or not to hire this firm for your defense, I am here to tell you they their expertise will benefit you more than any any dollar amount that they will charge you, which is minimal! Thank you Gary & Joe!!!

      Chief San Diego, CA
      "Highly recommended!!"

      I really highly recommend this Law Firm. Mr.Conway really helped me out. I was going through a court martial for SA. He helped out all the way through it. When I thought it was gonna go all down hill it turned right around to our favor. He brings the pressure where it needs to be. Gives it to you blunt and simple. He is very aggressive when he needs to prove his point. Reasonable price and a Great Lawyer I really do recommend him if anyone needs one

      PFC McCullough Fairbanks, AK
      "Brian Pristera saved my military career"

      I contacted Brian Pristera after finding out I tested positive for cocaine on a UA. I have been active duty in the Army for 12 years and plan to serve all 20+. Brian advised me to turn down the article 15 and take it to court-martial. After 6 months we went to court with a very strong case. I was found NOT GUILTY by the jury. Brian helped me every step of the way and was very professional. He was always available with any question I had at any time. I 100% believe Brian is responsible for saving my military career!

      Jonathan Fort Bragg, NC
      "Unbelievable Results!"

      I can’t speak highly enough of Brian Pristera and the legal team he works with. For my particular situation it was more damage control. The military were looking to give me a bad conduct discharge with an unreasonable amount of confinement. Brian’s expertise and experience during litigation and court swayed the court in our favor to only do a limited amount of confinement with a General under Honorable conditions discharge. This is more than I asked for would have ever expected. From start to finish Brian was Always available, attentive, honest, and very straight forward on the best course of action for my case. Highly recommend this firm you’ll be wasting your time to go to anyone else.

      Craig Fort Lee, VA
      "Brian Pristera is an extremely professional and knowledgeable attorney that takes the time to understand your needs and give you the defense you deserve"

      From day one, Brian’s professionalism and attention to detail was apparent. When I was facing a UCMJ article 31 violation, he represented me throughout the entire process and was always available for any questions or concerns I had. When my case was later referred to a Court Marshall, he doubled down on his efforts and left me confident that he was providing me with the best defense possible. After helping me prepare for trial and representing me as my counsel, I was found Not Guilty. Brian helped me keep my career and everything I have worked hard for. I can now finish out the three years I have left until retirement. I could not have done this without him. -Shawn

      Shawn San Diego, CA
      "Dan is a driving force"

      * I never imagined at my husbands 18 1/2 year mark of his flawless career with four combat deployments, dozens and dozens of training missions months and years away from our family we would need a lawyer. We met Dan by chance my husband was a bailiff for a court-martial never did I imagine that he would play such an important, vital and a powerful role in our life. Dan always answer his phone, text messages and emails. After a few delays and after the 32 hearing it was referred to a special court-martial. Three really scary words: special court marshal. By the power and the grace of God above we received my husband’s DD214 with full benefits and an honorable discharge. Mr. Conway will always hold a special place in our heart he helped my family through the darkest, most difficult, loneliest time of our life; but praise God we’re on the other side. We have support from some lifelong friends worldwide, our military attorney and our family; however Dan was the driving force. God put Dan in our path and for this we are so grateful. Dan we wish you nothing but happiness a blessed life and please always keep fighting for soldiers. Respectfully; A Smith Alaska

      A. Smith Ft Wainwright, AK
      "“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”"

      Mr. Pristera was amazing. Four years ago I was punished with a Letter of Reprimand (LOR) from my Flight Commander for a relationship with an unknown woman. This LOR kicked off a Command Directed Investigation (CDI) to investigate if I had violated my code of ethics as a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Though the CDI came back unsubstantiated, legally insufficient, and with the recommendation to not take any disciplinary action from the Wing Staff Judge Advocate my Squadron Commander issued a LOR, opened a Unfavorable Information File (UIF), placed me on a Control Roster (CR), issued a Command Directed Referral Enlisted Performance Report (EPR), removed me from the promotion list to Master Sergeant/E-7, and gave a promotion recommendation of "Not Ready Now" on the following annual Enlisted Performance Report. Then I was PCS'ed 3 days later. Following the slew of punishments I received I attempted to receive redress through filing an Article 138, filing a Congressional Inquiry, and finally filing two Inspector General complaints. Though none of them provided redress and just reminded me that a commander has the authority to issue non-judicial punishment. None of them stated that what he did was right, just that he had the authority to do so. After two and a half years I finally received my referral enlisted report and reached out to MC Military Law and had a consultation with Mr. Meyers who took the time to listen to me and hear what I had to say. After consultation with Mr. Meyers he recommended that Mr. Pristera take on my case. To say it was a lot of documentation would be an understatement. I had over 100 pages of documentation to include the two LOR's, CDI, attempts for redress, and documentation from my Area Defense Councils who had fought for me. Mr. Pristera combed through all of the documentation and helped me successfully appeal the Evaluation Reports and Appeal Board (ERAB) to have the referral EPR removed from my record which paved the way for our submission to the Air Force Board for Correction of Military Records (AFBCMR). We filed my case back in February of 2020. On May 25th, 2021 the BCMR made their decision public and informed me that they approved my request for redress. Not only did they expunge the documentation from my Squadron Commander from my official record, but they also expunged the documentation from my Flight Commander. My promotion to Master Sergeant/E-7 was reinstated back to 1 Sep 2017 with all back pay and allowances after almost 4 years of fighting. I couldn't of done this without Mr. Meyers firm taking the time to listen to me and hear my case. Had he not of listened to me I would of never been connected with Mr. Pristera who championed my cause. Mr. Pristera was awesome. During the initial phases of conceptualizing my case Mr. Pristera was on point with calling/emailing me in a timely manner, even while he was traveling. He even returned my call while boarding an aircraft to his next destination. That's how dedicated he was to helping me with getting his team what they needed to fight for me. Thank you again. Til Valhalla!

      Tom Vandenberg AFB, CA
      "“If you are lonely, please know you can find comfort. If you are discouraged, please know you can find hope. If you are poor in spirit, please know you can be strengthened. If you feel you are broken, please know you can be mended.” Jeffery R. Holland"

      I discovered MC Military Law online when I found myself in what I thought was an unwinnable situation. Like many military members, I was told throughout my time in service that I could use my GI Bill education benefits for family members. Over the years and without solid clarification, I assumed, like most Soldiers, that the transfer of education benefits of the GI Bill to immediate family was a part of the benefit. So, when my wife decided to go back to school to pursue her PhD, and I took one look at the cost of attendance, I thought to myself… maybe transferring my GI education benefits to my wife would a good decision. I then went online, and submitted a request to determine my eligibility. A week or so later, I was notified by HRC (Human Resources Command) that my wife was eligible to receive my education benefits; however, it would incur an additional obligation of four years. Since my wife and I decided that I had reached the end of my contract with the Army Reserve and we did not want to continue to be a military family, I contacted HRC to inform them that I would not be taking on the benefit since I was discharging. HRC advised that even though I was taking no money, I still incurred a four-year obligation because, determining eligibility was used as a retention tool. HRC went on to explain that even if I did not take the financial education benefit, my additional military obligation would still need to be satisfied. Keep in mind, I did not sign my name on any document nor did I knowingly agree to an additional service obligation. I simply clicked a button online to determine eligibility for my GI education benefits. Feeling a bit bamboozled, I was in shock thinking that I would now owe the military four more years of my life. It was at that point I decided the get my own representation and contacted MC Military Law and got connected with Mr. Joseph Galli. Mr. Galli stepped right into my situation and got answers from day one. I told Mr. Galli that I met my service obligation and wanted to ultimately discharge from the military. From that point on, Mr. Galli stayed by my side until I received my discharge paperwork almost a year later. Now, my circumstances were not fixed immediately, but with a steady pulse on the situation and constant communication, Mr. Galli was able to assist me in receiving my honorable discharge from the Army Reserve without the additional obligation. I know that without his help and guidance I would probably have served my additional time and felt helpless to the bureaucracy that can be our military. Now, I am free of my military service and my family and I can move on with our lives. The small investment in his firm brought major returns on my quality of life. I would highly recommend Mr. Galli and his firm to any military member that needs legal help and doesn’t know where to turn. They will guide you and look out for your best interest the whole time.

      Ralph Winston Salem, NC
      "Thank you for trusting me and fighting for me Brian"

      Thank you, Thank you and Thank you. This is all I can say to Brian. Brian saved my life and helped me to continue my career as a soldier. I was accused for sexual assault and it almost ruined my life. To be honest, I did not know what to do and how to deal with this situation at all. I am so lucky to hire this law firm and met Brian. Everytime I had any issues prior to court martial, Brian was always there for me. Brian did amazing job looking for all the evidences and witnesses and proved that I am innocent. Through out the trial, he destroyed the government’s argument with facts and made government look stupid. His voice was very clear and strong and impressed everyone in the court. He is professional, he knows what to prepare. If you are in trouble for something you did not do, he will be there for you and he will save you from the evils. Thank you again.

      Anonymous Fort Drum, NY
      "Best lawyer around"

      I contacted the firm when I of sexual harassment. My unit is investigation came back in my favor but yet they started a separation board. I was assigned to Joe. He took a few days to review the case and immediately came up with a plan. The day of the board Joe fought diligently to have my case thrown out although we still had a convened the board he had all the evidence dismissed. I know that we're all scared when you're having to start looking for a lawyer to protect your career. After all we sacrifice so much they truly understand what it is that you have sacrificed. He was like a pitbull in the courtroom. He made sure to cover all his bases so that they would make an informed decision. I have 22 years in the army and they will threatening my retirement. Joe's able to give me retained and allowed to retire. This law firm stands above all the rest in my opinion. Not only did they care about my case but was there to answer any questions that I had along the way. He was not scared to tell people that they were wrong. He never faltered he never swayed he never strayed from the course. What are truly believe this was the best money I had ever spent in my life. Thank you Joe and to the rest of the team at the law firm.

      Retiring Clarksville, TN
      ". Mr. Pristera’s continued support helped me stay faithful in the fight to prove my innocence. He was so knowledgeable about the military justice system and I knew we could win my case."

      Eighteen months ago, my world was flipped upside down when I was notified my recent urinalysis for the U.S. Army was positive for THC. I had never to my knowledge indulged in drug use of any kind. Having served for 17 years at that point, with an exemplary record pending promotion to E-7 and knowing retirement was just a few years away, I assumed my command would understand there must have been an issue with the test. From the moment of my initial counseling, I realized there would be no support from my command. In fact, they wanted me to just admit my “guilt” and face the consequences for what they automatically assumed was a poor choice to use marijuana. Despite my exemplary service, my career was at stake. I was unwilling to admit wrongdoing for an act I did not commit and determined to fight like hell to save my career so I contacted the Gary Myers & Daniel Conway and Associates legal group. Mr. Brian Pristera was assigned as my lawyer. By the time I connected with Mr. Pristera, I was already overcome with anxiety, depression, frustration, and hopelessness as it seemed there was little, I could do to prove my innocence and save my career. Mr. Pristera restored my hope and I truly believed he was going to help me fight the charges with the same vigor as if he were the person accused and possibly about to lose his career. Well fast forward 1.5 years and as of yesterday, I was found not guilty of knowingly using an illegal substance. I was fully exonerated of wrongdoing and will be pinning my E-7(I should have been promoted almost a year ago) within a few months. Over this harrowing ordeal, Mr. Pristera was extremely professional and encouraging. So many times, I wanted to give up and just take my chances with the non-judicial punishment system and pray I would be able to at least finish my 20 years. Mr. Pristera’s continued support helped me stay faithful in the fight to prove my innocence. He was so knowledgeable about the military justice system and I knew we could win my case. I am so grateful for his help! He not only saved my career but has reinvigorated my passion to serve. There are no words that can truly describe my gratitude for Mr. Pristera’s legal representation. If you need legal representation, I highly recommend Brian Pristera.

      C. Smith Fairbanks, AK
      "Scorpion Test"

      Scorpion Test Scorpion Test Scorpion Test

      Scorpion Test Scorpion Test, TX
      "Dont trust the military to have your back when you are in need. These guys are the best."

      Mr. Conway was the best choice i made when going through the military legal system. I had a previous experience with the Army TDS that left me to lose trust in the Army to effectively defend my case against a Field grade article 15 which ended in a reduction in grade. When i had gotten notice that I had came up positive for THC in a urinalysis I instantly researched and ran across Mr. Conway. He was very agressive and persuasive in handling my case in ways that the free army defense attorneys cannot give. I will recommend this firm to anyone who is in need of military legal help. You will not be disappointed. Thanks for everything

      Ballejos Fort irwin, CA
      "Discharge UPGRADED"

      I write this with nothing but the deepest praise for Mr. Conway and Mr. Galli. I retained the services of this firm in 2018 to upgrade an unjust discharge from the Armed Forces via the DRB. Mr. Conway and Mr. Galli were firstly honest and upfront about the various steps and procedures a DRD hearing entailed. In the lead-up to my hearing, Mr. Galli did an excellent job communicating with the Board and submitting any testimonies and evidence. During the hearing, he was nothing short of professional and knowledgeable in the presentation of the facts and in his questioning of both the witnesses and the Board Members. This ultimately resulted in a UNANIMOUS vote of 3-0 to get My discharge upgraded to A full Honorable. I highly recommend any current or former Service Members to retain the services of this firm for any issues pertaining to the DRB or the Boards of Correction. From the bottom of my heart - Thank You.

      O Washington, DC
      "Reliable and confident counsel"

      I needed a knowledgeable lawyer to represent my case of injustice that needed research. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome, the focus on the desired end result and the wide experience of my counsel.

      ZR San Diego, CA
      "Great service"

      I am more than pleased with Mr. Galli. He stuck with me all through the process of getting my SBP back. When I emailed him he got back to me quickly. His service was amazing. I'll be forever grateful that he was able to get my husbands military record changed so I could get the monies owed to me. Thanks again Mr. Galli!

      Ellen DeCecco Peoria, AZ
      "Never give up, never surrender"

      After testing positive on a urinalysis I reached out to Danial Conway and Associates for legal council. Their team were able to identify many discrepancies and prove that I unknowingly ingested said drug. After the administration review board, I received a General (under honorable conditions) discharge. I followed up and asked them to be my legal counsel during the Naval discharge review board (NDRB). It was a long, painful journey but they were diligent, persistent and dedicated to insure I received the best legal council. My discharge was upgraded to Honorable and I will be forever thankful.

      Anonymous Jacksonville, FL
      "My case was handled by Joseph Galli.I can’t express enough how effective he was in working diligently to help me get the best possible outcome for my case.Lifechanging to say the least.I can’t thank him enough.Semper Fidelis…"

      A very direct and professional process conducted by Mr.Galli.My outcome was nothing more than outstanding.Do not hesitate to contact this firm if needed! Semper Fidelis…

      Walter Bruno Lodi, NJ
      "Fast and great communication"

      The process to upgrade my discharge was smooth and successful. Joe helped me find documents and put together a perfect packet to send to the review board. So much so that I did not need to see the board in person. Thank you!

      ANON Boston, MA
      "“Thank you so much Dan for fighting for me when I couldn’t fight for myself.”"

      I found this firm online. Dan contacted me the same day. I explained to him that I been accused of testing positive on a urinalysis for a drug I did not take. I was facing a Field Grade Article 15 and Separation from the army. We gathered all evidence and supporting documents to fight this accusation. I ended up excepting the article at my 2nd hearing, believing that my command would find me not guilty but that did not happen. They ruled me guilty and implemented harsh punishment. I was devastated and angry at that point. I remember Dan saying to me “we are gonna fight this and hit them with a hard appeal” It took two weeks to hear back about my appeal. Sure enough my appeal was approved and all punishments had ceased. I am so grateful for the time and effort Dan put into my case. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the military.

      M. H. Alexandria, VA

      Attorney Brian Pristera was hands down the legal big gun that I needed in my case. Not only is he an expert in his field, his confidence and performance was exactly what was needed when facing a potentially career ending Board of Inquiry. ANYONE facing disciplinary action or in need of a defense attorney in the military should use Brian Pristera. Hopefully, I never have to use his services again, but if I do he is the very first phone call I make, and he should be yours as well. Thank you Brian!

      R.G. Norfolk, VA
      "They care"

      Brad took care of me. He was professional, quick to respond when contacted, and took amazing care with my case. He was open, honest and great to work with. I couldn’t have asked for better legal counsel. It wasn’t like working with a lawyer, but more like working with a friend. He showed genuine interest in helping me achieve the best possible outcome and I believe I got it. I can’t stress enough how much I would recommend getting them on your team. It was an amazing pleasure to work with him and would do it again if the situation were to arise.

      Will San Antonio, TX
      "Best possible result"

      One of the best firms in the country. Mr Conway actually sat down with me and got to know me as a person. He was prepared for my admin separation board for positive thc8 results. He fought hard and won. All charges were dropped. Thank you so much!!!!

      Darius Fallon, NV
      "Very knowledgeable and helpful"

      Daniel was very knowledgeable and so very helpful for myself and my career he helped me with my separation board and got the verdict of me continuing my career and the financial stability from my career. Very appreciative for his services

      Michael San Diego, CA
      "Outstanding performance"

      Working with this firm was the best decision of my life. I was facing sexual assault charges that would have inevitably destroyed my future and my career. Because of Daniel Conway’s years of experience, intelligence, confidence, and quick thinking my accuser was exposed and I was cleared of all charges. WILL ALWAYS BE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

      Luke Anchorage, AK
      "Mr. Galli and his team changed my life!"

      I served 4 years in the United States Marine Corps as an Infantry Officer. I was wrongfully accused and charged with Article 112A, Wrongful use of a controlled substance. The charge was dropped but I went up against a Board of Inquiry. Here two additional charges were added, Article 133, Conduct unbecoming of an Officer and ‘Unlawful drug involvement’. Here I pleaded my case of innocent ingestion and was found not guilty of the initial charge (Article 112A) but guilty of Article 133 and Unlawful Drug Involvement. I appealed on the inconsistencies of the findings because if I was not guilty of the initial charge, what are the second and third charges based upon? It fell on deaf ears and my leadership was silent on the matter. I was discharged from the Marine Corps with an Other Than Honorable discharge and the characterization being ‘Drug Abuse’. This was the final dagger to my back the Marine Corps gave me. I felt abandoned by the very Gun Club that I was willing to give everything to. Upon exiting the Marine Corps, I struggled with finding employment. The only jobs I could get were minimum wage jobs that were well below my skill level as an Infantry Officer and college graduate. Even some of the minimum wage jobs I was denied once my DD214 was brought up. Many told me that the civilian world does not care about one’s DD214, but they do. My dream has always been service and with this discharge and characterization, continuing my service at the state or federal level was impossible. I was viewed as someone who abuses drugs despite no evidence supporting that. Even employers outside of the state, federal and first responder world were asking for my DD214. I could not hide from this no matter where I went. Interviews would be going great and the moment it was brought up, the atmosphere shifted. Most civilian employers trusted the findings of the United States Marine Corps and did not give me the time of the day to tell my side of the story and the facts. Something needed to be done and I needed my record cleared. I retained Mr. Galli in hopes of getting my discharge upgraded and the characterization dropped. Shortly after, he submitted my appeal to the Naval Board of Corrective Records and a little over a year later, I got the date for when I would be going before the board. Mr. Galli was calm leading up to the Board. I was a wreck trying to prepare the best that I can but the way he conducted himself leading up to the Board was exactly what I was taught as an Infantry Officer, be the calm in the midst of the storm. He was my calm and prepped me thoroughly. He kept it simple though and when the board was held, that calm and simplistic approach was kept. The way he crafted my defense was something I could not have accomplished. His ability to express the urgency of the situation and emphasizing the mistake the Board made was exactly what I was I hoping for. The Board came back with some challenging questions that left me with word vomit but Mr. Galli would intercept the questions and successfully respond and or deflect if the questions were not based on the initial premise of the appeal. Several hours later, the board was complete and I felt more confident than ever. Several months later, I heard back from Mr. Galli that the Board accepted my appeal and my discharge would be upgraded to an Honorable! My life was back to where it should be and I am now pursuing a career in law enforcement. This could not have been done without Mr. Galli and his expertise. For anyone looking for counsel, I highly recommend Mr. Galli and his firm. If I would have done my research and managed to retain him prior to my Board of Inquiry, I strongly believe the Board would have gone differently. He helped get my life back on track and helped me gain the confidence to take my fight to the next level and win. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Mr. Galli and his team will be the number 1 recommendation I make to any military member going through legal troubles. Thank you Mr. Galli and y

      USMC-0302-O1 Destin, FL
      "God am I happy I chose this firm to represent me"

      Mr. Brad Simon represented me after I was falsely accused of sexual assault. From the first phone call with him, I knew I had made the right choice for my representation. This man exuded professionalism and genuine care for his clients. He was working other cases at the time, traveling to other states for trial appearances, and yet, he still made time for me. Any question. Any concern. Any text sent day or night or on the weekends. Brad responded right away and emphatically. This man reached out to every potential witness and reference of character, ferociously defended me against every level of Air Force bureaucracy involved, and believed in me every step of the way. Thanks to his tireless efforts to reveal the truth, the false charges brought against me were dismissed by my leadership. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Brad Simon. I hope many more people needing defense in the future are lucky enough to have you in their corner.

      Connor El Segundo, CA
      "Dan is literally the man"

      Dan was exceptionally thorough in making sure I understood everything and always got back to me quickly. Walked me through everything step by step and most of all he did not allow my command to abuse thier powers or walk all over me. I hope I never have to, but if I need an attorney ever again, Dan is the one!

      Grover H Jacksonville, NC
      "Brad Simon and The Daniel Conway firm are lawyers that truly care for their clients. They are attentive and extremely proactive. I know for a fact that being represented by this firm is the reason why my career and reputation were saved from false accusati"

      This law firm is redefining the stereotype of “attorney’s” in an amazing way . Brad Simon was Top Notch and I am so glad I got to work with him. He would call me and spend as much time as needed on my case. I never felt rushed and I always felt as if I was his most important client. He is extremely knowledgeable and well versed. All these attorneys seem to be prior JAG attorney’s so they know the process intimately and that experience is what you need! Brad Simon stayed on top of my case and kept me informed. If you are going through any type of legal issue I would 100% recommend you hire this firm immediately! Great Law firms like this are rare.

      Stephen Fort Campbell / CENTCOM AOR, TN
      "“A silver lining”"

      Here is a leap of faith that is worth taking! Trust, honor, commitment. I’m ready for the next step of life moving with a good foot forward.

      Perez Humphreys, IL
      "“Most likely”"

      My case was very diverse, and quite particular to my situation. Mr. Conway was able to form the true story based on facts, and never used conjectural statements. The prosecution however was riddled with issues in their verbiage. Although the case was tight, Mr. Conway was thorough with his research and became well versed in the specific information required to beat my case. His newfound knowledge and strong willed testimonies quite literally saved my life!

      Spc USARMY Fort drum, NY
      "Joe achieved the best outcome for my defense. My family and I are eternally grateful"

      Mr. Joe Galli (a former Army JAG) is a professional, results oriented, laser focused, highly responsive, and efficient defense attorney. If you have a positive urinalysis, especially if you are innocent, you MUST put down some money on this firm. You will quickly learn the odds do NOT favor you without their help. Note: I am not being paid for this and would not recommend them, if I had any doubt. Found myself in a sate of disbelief when getting notified about a positive urinalysis test for THC. After a quick Google search, I found this law firm. Called and one of the head lawyers called me back quickly. He assigned me Joe, who shortly introduced himself. For the next year and a half, we communicated more often than one should expect. I cannot think of more than 24 hours passing without getting a response. He never wavered. He often calmed me down (not his job) and helped keep my head in a good place as we waited patiently to demonstrate my defense. The review board ultimately found insufficient evidence for misconduct and also declared the letter of reprimand unsubstantiated. Joe performed spectacularly. He tactfully educated the review board members and professionally made the prosecution (formally called the “government”) look woefully unprepared to the point where I (defendant) felt bad for them. Joe gave my family and I the best Christmas present. He gets my strongest endorsement and represents a highly professional law firm. I have seen nothing but impeccable character. Just cannot say enough good things. Joe WILL present the best possible defense.

      Alex Fort Benning, GA
      "Life Savers"

      Mr. Pristera and Mr. Conway were able to get my clearance reinstated. I contribute to this because of their professionalism and knowledge of military law. Thank you, Mr. Pristera and Mr. Conway

      "Great guy"

      Mr Conway is a great guy. He can have 30 clients at once but he still takes the time to personally discuss any questions and concerns and fights to get results. He helped me through a very hard time and I appreciate his professionalism and care. I'm so glad I found him.

      Rachael El Paso, TX
      "Defeating the 10,000 lb elephant"

      After having to release my previous lawyer, I hired Mr. Conway to represent me. I was being charged with 2 article 120’s, 128, 134, and 2 130’s and being judged by a panel of 8. Mr. Conway exceeding all expectations and even the plea agreement I was offered with my previous lawyer. It’s hard to put into words the dedication and hard work he puts into my case. Furthermore, it was like having Becky Hammon as the coach and winning the championship. I couldn’t be more grateful to have him on my team. The outcome was a letter of reprimand and lesser offense of 128 and conduct unbecoming of an officer and fraternization. No dismissal and now I can continue on with my medical board that has already been finalized. Thank you again Mr. Conway.

      Anonymous Norfolk, VA
      "Mr Conway ?? with a good ?"

      12yr military member serving overseas facing a120b charge! Thank God We found Daniel Conway and Associates for our Son! Conway knew what we were going through as a family more importantly he knew how to fight for an innocent military member. Mr. Conway gave the family immediate attention, calling us back within 30mins for our initial consultation. I remember taking a deep breath and feeling hopeful, after talking with Mr C. He gave our family the greatest gift for Christmas, HOPE 🙏💞 Then Mr Conway contacted our Son (overseas) giving him guidance and encouragement! Mr.C prepared our Son for his article 32 hearing and according to our Son,, Daniel Conway was in his element in the courtroom.. Mr.C was a true warrior Criminal Defense Attorney, Well prepared, even bringing in extra Council from his firm! Besides dealing with all the legalities, Mr. Conway was key in providing our son the support he needed to make it through to the end of this case... Daniel Conway and Associates worked hard to give our Son his life back! I know Mr. Conway had other cases, but he made us feel like we were his only case. He even touched base with our Son on Christmas Day. 💙 Sincerely Thank you I would recommend Daniel Conway and Associates 💯 *no* hesitation."

      Dawn M./ Matt M. Iwakuni City Japan, IN
      "Termination of Article 15"

      I was very fortunate to work with this firm. Mr. Brad Simon handled my case and was very professional, prompt, and informative throughout. Even when I felt hopeless and there was nothing I could do for my case. Mr. Simon was always there to have my back and make me feel confident in my choice for legal representation. I was charged with Drug use during my military career and with Mr. Simons help and determined demeanor we were able to identify and prove that I had unknown use and ingestion of Drugs, which resulted in termination all Article 15 proceedings. I now can focus on my family and get back to my life instead of dealing with my command and legal. I truly owe it to Mr. Simon and this firm for taking my case and setting me up for success. 10/10 would recommend this firm to anyone and everyone going through legal troubles within the military.

      Devin Minot, ND
      "Couldn’t have imagined a more reliable and reachable lawyer"

      I was referred by a friend who was represented by Mr. Simon and I heard good things but I was not expecting what I got. What I got was a lawyer who genuinely cared about me and was always able to be reached no matter the time or time zone difference. Mr Simon was the epitome of professionalism and was very humble despite it being clear that he is confident in his abilities and rightfully so. He helped me get the false allegations dropped and retained in the military through tactically and skillfully putting my evidence together. If you need a lawyer this is the best there is and any cost spent will be well worth it.

      Colby Anchorage, AK
      "“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” - Joshua 1:9"

      "Working with Daniel was truly an exceptional experience. From the very beginning, he demonstrated a deep commitment to my case, and his vast knowledge of the military legal system truly made all the difference. Daniel was always readily available, responsive to all my queries, and took the time to explain each step of the process in depth, so I never felt lost or unsure about what was going on. His professionalism, attention to detail, and dedicated approach to resolving my matter was truly outstanding. I cannot thank him enough for his unwavering support and guidance throughout my legal journey. I highly recommend his services to anyone facing a military legal issue, as he is truly a cut above the rest." For anybody reading this, know that life will get better! Stand firm and know God is with you through this whole thing! You’ll be just fine.

      Erick Rand San Antonio, TX
      "Worth the wait, but I wasn't fighting alone"

      I was fortunate enough to have Joseph Galli representing me in my discharge upgrade case. He stayed on top of the situation every step of the way. I would highly recommend his services with any military or upgrade request. I tried on my own the first go round, and my request was denied. I am so happy and relieved that my discharge was upgraded with his knowledge and expertise. Now I finally get the benefits I earned.

      Eric R Marysville, WA
      "« I got the best outcome in my case «"

      I had the privilege to work with Brad Simon, and I must say that my experience was nothing short of exceptional. From start to finish, he displayed a level of professionalism and expertise that exceeded my expectations. I was overwhelmed, frustrated, my life and career was at stake, I had my first attorney but he was so unprofessional that he didn’t even care about my case, my case lasted with him for 14 solid months with depression and anxiety. I decided to change him and get the miracle Brad Simon, my first conversation with him; he told me Ben, you will be fine I am here to start the ground running immediately no time to waste. The same day he notify my command team and legal that he needed an update. The next day I got an update from my commander. He pushed them so hard that they had no alternative but to dismiss my case in 4 months. I got my honorable discharge with all benefits. No findings, No court martial, No separation board, I maintain my rank. I ETS with my ETS award. The case ended with no evidence and it was a fabrication. Brad was attentive and responsive throughout the entire process, ensuring that my concerns were addressed promptly and thoroughly. He took his time to listen to my legal issues and provided clear explanations, making sure I understood every step of the way. It was evident that he genuinely cared about my case and wanted the best possible outcome for me. His level of reliability and efficiency greatly contributed to my peace of mind during a potentially stressful period. His expertise and knowledge of the law were evident in the strategies he employed to handle my case. He meticulously analyzed the details, leaving no stone unturned. His insightful guidance and attention to detail were instrumental in achieving a favorable outcome. Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend Brad Simon For his exceptional service, timely responsiveness, and legal expertise make him a standout professional in his field. If you're seeking a lawyer who is dedicated, knowledgeable, and highly efficient, Brad Simon is the one to turn to. If you confused and worried on your case please turn to this attorney. He made me to stand back on my feet as a man.. if you are in this situation, don’t joke with sexual assault in the military it is death draining; people commit suicide from this kind of investigation. Thank you once more

      Ben El Paso, TX
      "Dan’s the Man!!"

      Thank you Dan for saving my career! We made the right choice selecting you as our lawyer. You are extremely knowledgeable in the proceedings while walking us through the process and keeping us in the loop as the date approached. At the admin separation board meeting your professionalism, confidence, and knowledge ultimately saved my career. My family and I thank you!!

      MP Camarillo, CA
      "Charges Dismissed"

      I am so grateful to have worked with this firm regarding my case. My attorney, Mr. Brad Simon worked around the clock to ensure a possible child pornography case was dismissed, with no charges. The professionalism of Mr Simon, and how fast he tackled my case in a span of 24hrs just after consultation was the best help I’d had in a year and three months at that point in being under investigation. If you’re going to put your faith and LIFE in the hands of any law firm and/or attorney, I highly recommend Daniel Conway and Associates.

      SSgt JB, USAF Minot, ND
      "Thank You Brad!!!"

      I had the pleasure of working with Brad Simon who assisted, and guided me thru the process of requesting, and completing a Petition for a Presidential Pardon. Brad is very, very knowledgeable of the process, he's prompt, and responds quickly to requests for information. Brad kept me abreast of his schedule, and stayed in constant contact with me, and was always there for me when I needed him. I recommend Brad Simon regardless of the situation, because he knows how to get things done, and will work closely with you until the issue is resolved.

      Anon Sugarland, TX
      "You win sum you lose sum then you get some dim sum"

      Thank you Joe. You really did come through.

      Dathaniel Fort Stewart, GA
      "Life is not fair - get used to it"

      Daniel Conway and Associates took my case in with extreme sense of urgency. Brad and Joe are the best I have witnessed. Definitely experts in their field. Life is not fair sometimes. With this team on your side, the playing field will be leveled. Thank you Brad and especially Joe. Congratulations on your two newborns gentlemen. God bless.

      Dat Fort Stewart, GA
      "The best I’ve came across hands down."

      Hello, my name is Keith, and I am a young army soldier. This incident is the first time being in trouble. When I first reached out to this great attorney Mr. Daniel Conway, I was a mess; I needed to figure out what I was doing or where I was in my court martial. When he stepped in, things started to move at an incredible speed, but to which he informed me before it happened and made sure that was what I wanted to do and even made sure it was in my family's best interest. Regarding timing, he went above and beyond to schedule quick calls and meetings. I had one attorney before him and quickly didn't want to work with them because the other firms made it feel like a business, but Mr. Conway made me feel as if he genuinely cared. And as time went on, I saw he honestly did care deeply, and the work that he did showed; it honestly felt as if I wasn't doing anything but was aware of everything that was taking place when we sat down to talk later in during the trail he asks me what do I want the outcome to be. We had a lengthy conversation about the reality of it, and he made it happen; it was a better outcome than expected. I was still able to remain in the military and continue serving proudly. When I say he walked me through every step of the way, that's precisely what he did, and he made sure that me and my family were still doing ok in every aspect.

      Keith FORT CAVAZOS, TX
      "Best I could've asked for"

      Brad Simon was awesome to work with. Super knowledgeable and confident, the way he kept things light hearted enough to ease my nerves was fantastic. He knew the best way to handle my military separation board and his advise got me acquitted of charges. Absolutely recommended.

      SuperJ021 Jacksonville, FL
      "Never give up the fight for justice"

      I was given an OTH discharge from the US Army. I was faced with living with a discharge I did not deserve or I could go and fight and get it upgraded. Discharges are not an easy thing to get upgraded especially the situation that came of mine. I called on Daniel Conway and associates. They looked over my case and put me at ease. They kept me informed throughout a period of almost three years. Covid happened and all of the cases was pushed back. When the date finally showed Mr. Galley who's apart of Dan Conway and associates showed my innocence in a way that they had no choice but to accept the fact that my discharge was too harsh. We got the upgrade and I can now move on with my life with great happiness. I can apply for veterans assistance, also great job opportunities have opened up for me. I am so grateful for this team of lawyers. I would recommend them to anyone who knows that they have been delt a bad hand and want to get the truth out! Thanks Conway and associates!

      Never Give up! Augusta, GA
      "Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Honorable upgrade!"

      Absolutely could not have done it without Joe. He was patient, especially when I had ZERO understanding, and I know I pushed him to his patient limits. But he walked me through it and after 3 months I finally got my OTH changed to Honorable. Thank You!!!

      Kyle Murphy Phoenix, AZ