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In the military, criminal proceedings are taken quite seriously and anyone who gets in the way can be prosecuted. Obstruction of justice by military personnel involves a much broader prohibition on conduct than that of federal law. The intention of this law, under Article 134 of UCMJ, is to keep personnel from interfering from administrative or criminal proceedings. Like most military offenses, obstruction of justice carries heavy penalties that may affect your life in numerous negative ways.

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Understanding Obstruction of Justice

Obstruction of justice can include a wide range of acts, including encouraging a victim to take back their accusation or intimidating witnesses in any other way. It may also involve lying or misleading investigators, tampering with evidence, or destroying evidence. Depending on the circumstances, the penalties may involve dishonorable discharge, confinement of five years, and forfeiture of pay.

In order to convict you of this crime, a prosecutor must prove that you:

  • Were aware of or believed that a criminal proceeding was taking place
  • Committed specific acts
  • Committed those acts with the intent to impede the proceedings
  • Participated in conduct that had a negative effect on the authority member

Under this law, criminal proceedings may include article 15 proceedings, article 32 investigations, court-martials, federal or state criminal trials, command investigations, or even searches led by law enforcement.

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