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The military criminal defense lawyers of Gary Myers, Daniel Conway & Associates are not only passionate about helping members of the military, but many of them are also former members themselves. Our team brings together over 100 years of combined experience. We have tried court-martial cases in every service for virtually every crime listed in the UCMJ. No matter where you are in the world, our legal team can provide you with the dedicated support and counsel you need when you find yourself facing criminal charges.

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Our Team Has Experience in Numerous Military Court Proceedings


Choice of counsel in a court-martial is critical. You need counsel that is aggressive, experienced, and easy to communicate with. The firm has defended court-martial charges in every branch involving nearly every offense in the UCMJ. Mr. Myers and Mr. Conway have co-authored a book on Military Crimes and Defenses in publication with a major academic book publishing company.

Courts-Martial Appeals

The firm has appeared before the Army, Navy/Marine Corps, and Air Force Appellate Courts as well as the highest military appellate court, The United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces.

Gary Myers, our firm’s founder, was appellate counsel in the landmark case of U.S. v. Scott, 24 M.J. 186 (C.M.A. 1987) which applied the U.S. Supreme Court Strickland standard for ineffective assistance of counsel to the military. At Mr. Myers initiative and as part of the defense, this was the first military case to utilize DNA testing in the history of military jurisprudence.

Gary Myers was also appellate counsel in the landmark case of Unger v. Zemniak, 27 M.J. 349 (C.M.A. 1989) which confirmed extraordinary writ practice in the military.

Separation Boards, Show Cause Boards & Actions

Our firm has represented service members in separation boards, show cause boards and actions in all services. This includes actions based on serious misconduct, a pattern of misconduct, personality disorders, homosexuality, drug use, and substandard duty performance, among others.

Evaluation Appeals

The firm has represented service members in all services before evaluation appeal boards to include the Marine Corps PERB; the Air Force ERAB; the Army OSRB and EREC, the Navy BCNR and the Coast Guard BCMR. We, likewise, have experience litigating evaluation report cases in the federal courts. It is very important to have counsel on board that understands how the federal courts analyze evaluation report appeals.

Discharge Upgrades

The firm has appeared before all services' Discharge Review Boards seeking to upgrade service members' discharges. Because we are a DC-based firm, we handle a significant number of DRB cases.

BCMR Filings

Our firm has represented service members before the BCNR, ABCMR, CGBCMR and the AFBCMR for a myriad of records correction matters to include promotions, evaluation reports, and other inequities or injustices.

Medical Evaluation Boards/Physical Evaluation Boards

Our firm has represented service members before all existing Physical Evaluation Boards in every service, that is the boards at Fort Lewis, Fort Sam Houston, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington Navy Yard, Lackland AFB, and the Coast Guard.

Reprimands, Article 15s, and Demotions

In this era of downsizing, reprimands and other administrative actions can be career killers if the adverse actions are not addressed. Our firm has extensive experience working with the personnel commands in every branch. We have members of the firm that have served as senior legal advisors to the various review board agencies. We're happy to discuss your case.

Security Clearance Revocations

Our firm has represented both service members and civilians in security clearance revocation matters.

Clemency and Parole

The firm has represented service members seeking clemency and parole from sentences to confinement stemming from courts-martial.

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