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Military Lawyers for Credentialing Actions & Impaired Provider Comments

We are one of the few firms that handles adverse actions involving health care providers. Whether you need representation for issues involving impaired provider comments or credentialing actions, Gary Myers, Daniel Conway and Associates is here to help. Your future and livelihood can hang in the balance.

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Serious Consequences for Military Members & Civilian Contractors

Plainly the implications for an adverse health care provider action are significant. An attorney well-versed in the regulatory schemes and medicine is imperative. Mr. Myers has been handling health care provider actions for over four decades. Our military defense attorney understands how important a military medical de-credential action can be for you and your career. We can provide you with representation that centers on protecting your livelihood while you are being held in abeyance over the course of an investigation.

The Legal Process

Healthcare providers face a complex legal procedure that features:

  • An allegation
  • Investigation
  • Being held in abeyance
  • Board review
  • Commander’s decision
  • Peer review
  • Commanders proposed final action

Hearing & Appeals

After this process, the next step in the case would be a hearing. As a healthcare provider, you have due process before a panel of other military healthcare providers. Once the panel has heard the evidence and deliberated, it will make recommendations and whether there should be any adverse actions taken against the healthcare provider. The military treatment facility commander will review the recommendations and implement any actions. Our legal team at Gary Myers, Daniel Conway and Associates can provide you with representation throughout the hearing and any appeals.

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