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Titling Actions

The firm is experienced in handling cases involving law enforcement records and titling actions.

We often receive questions about obtaining records. For requesting Army records and NCIS records, contact us.

A titling is basically the indexing of a subject in national criminal data bases. In other words, when a law enforcement agency like NCIS, OSI, or Army CID places your name in the "title" block of an investigative report, you are titled. There are certain reporting requirements that the agency then complies with to enter your name in databases like DCII (Defense Central Index of Criminal Investigations). The standard required is only "credible information." Even if you are later exonerated, your name remains in the database unless you can show that there was no credible information to support the titling decision.

Attacking the credible information standard is critical. This is where an attorney can play a key role. We often see cases involving extremely esoteric areas of the law - the Joint Federal Travel Regulations, for instance. Or minor cases involving no evidence where the command resolved the issue with an Article 15, NJP, Captain's Mast, or reprimand.

The decision to title a person can have significant unforeseen adverse consequences later on in life (e.g. security clearance applications, job applications, access to military installations). Our attorneys are experienced in appealing titling decisions to the appropriate law enforcement agencies under DODI 5505.07. Attorney Lauren Johnson-Naumann was the Deputy SJA at OSI and has insights into the process. Call us or email now for a free consultation. We are happy to discuss your options.

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