Case Results

Please note that all cases are unique. Success in one case does not guarantee success in another. We do not guarantee outcomes. Any such guarantee would violate the Rules of Professional Responsibility. Case results are determined by a variety of factors, including facts and evidence presented, whether the client follows counsel recommendations, and the stage in the proceedings at which our services are retained. Generally, the earlier counsel is retained in a case, the more likely a favorable result will be obtained.

Please call us at (800) 355-1095 if you have any questions or would like more details about a particular case. We have over 40 years of results, this page lists results since July 2015 when the website was redesigned. Not all results are posted.

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    1 March 2019 Mr. Pristera obtained a full acquittal for a Marine Corps Officer facing multiple drug charges, successfully arguing innocent ingestion marijuana.
    1 May 2019 Mr. Pristera obtained an upgraded discharge for a Navy Sailor separated with an Other Than Honorable discharge.
    11 January 2019 Mr. Myers and Mr. Galli represented an Army doctor (captain) at a Formal Physical Evaluation Board (PEB). The Army had previously found the doctor fit for duty despite his serious medical diagnosis. Mr. Myers and Mr. Galli successfully argued for the doctor to be found unfit and medically retired from the Army.
  • Article 120 Investigation
    13 September 2018 Law enforcement found an Article 120 investigation unsubstantiated. For our part, we interviewed witnesses to a party and intervened with law enforcement and the government to cooperate in a manner that led to the allegations being unsubstantiated.
    16 January 2019

    Mr. Galli represented a Sailor at a Formal Physical Evaluation Board (PEB). The Navy was attempting to medically retire the Sailor at a dramatically-reduced disability rating. As a result of Mr. Galli’s representation, the Board agreed to place the member on the Permanent Disability Retired List (PDRL) with a rating of 30 percent.

  • Reversal of a Recoupment Action
    16 June 2018 An Air Force Academy graduate represented by Mr.Myers won reversal of a recoupment action and was awarded remission of $146,000 through application to the Air Force Remissions Board.
    18 April 2019 Mr. Conway obtained a full acquittal for an Airman accused of sexual assault under Article 120, UCMJ.
  • Charges Dismissed
    18 June 2018 Mr. Conway represented a Marine accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a bar bathroom. We obtained a favorable result from the Article 32 Investigation. Ultimately, we resolved the case with nonjudicial punishment. Sexual assault charges were dismissed with prejudice.
  • Article 120 - Full Set Aside of a Conviction
    18 June 2018 Mr. Pristera obtained a full set aside of a conviction for sexual assault for an army warrant officer. Numerous errors with the record of trial and transcript lead the Army Court of Criminal Appeals to conclude that they cannot conduct the required review under article 66. The case started with a mistrial. The government only produced a summarized transcript with the mistrial record of trial and did not attach the mistrial record to the subsequent trial record. The Court first ordered the Government on remand to attach the mistrial record of trial and recomplete post-trial The government complied but again failed to produce a verbatim transcript of the mistrial. Upon subsequent appeal, Mr. Pristera successfully argued that the transcript was not verbatim as required by the rules. Accordingly, the conviction and sentence were set aside. R.C.M. 1103(f) authorizes a rehearing or approval of the sentence with a maximum sentence being that of a special court-martial. No punitive discharge may be approved. This extraordinary result will ultimately require the Army to pay back pay to the member from the date of his conviction.
  • Honorable Discharge
    19 June 2018 Mr. Pristera successfully represented a sailor facing administrative separation and an other than honorable characterization of service for use of cocaine. The sailor was separated but was given an Honorable discharge despite the founded drug use. His characterization will enable him to use his Post-9-11 GI Bill as well as his VA Home Loan.
    2 May 2019 Mr. Pristera obtained the award of two purple hearts for a Vietnam War veteran. The awards now make him eligible for Combat-Related Specialty Compensation.
  • Convictions Set Aside
    20 April 2018 Mr. Conway represented an Airman on appeal before the Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals. On a Hills issue, the court set aside the convictions in USCA Dkt. No. 18-0101/AF, Crim. App. No. 39071.
  • No Misconduct Found
    20 June 2018 Mr. Pristera successfully argued for an enlisted sailor to be retained on active duty following a positive drug test for marijuana. The sailor tested positive after accidentally ingesting a marijuana brownie, not knowing that the brownies contained marijuana. The board found that no misconduct occurred and that the member should be retained and returned to normal duty.
    20 March 2019

    Mr. Pristera saved a former Army Soldier and former United States Military Academy Cadet $166,099 in charged tuition. The Cadet was involuntarily separated from USMA for misconduct. Mr. Pristera was able to upgrade the cadet’s discharge characterization to Honorable. Following that, he was able to successfully argue for the cancelation of the debt owed to the United States.

  • Board of Inquiry
    20 September 2018 Mr. Conway represented a military doctor in a show cause board for driving under the influence. There was property damage and some minor injuries. The board voted to separate the officer with an honorable discharge.
  • Board of Inquiry
    20 September 2018 Mr. Conway represented an officer accused of sexual assault and fraternization. There was a no probable cause finding by law enforcement for the Article 120 accusations. A board of inquiry recommended elimination from the service with an Honorable characterization for the fraternization charges.
  • Reinstatement of Security Clearance
    21 December 2018 Mr. Pristera successfully argued for the reinstatement of a government civilian employees security clearance at a hearing before the Office of Personnel Management.
  • Successfully Mitigated Sentence
    21 December 2018 Mr. Pristera successfully mitigated the sentence of an Air Force NCO who plead guilty to multiple specifications of possessing and using illegal drugs. The service member received no jail time and was not separated by the court-martial.
    21 March 2019

    Mr. Pristera saved the career of a young Army officer by successfully arguing for a local filing of General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand (GOMOR). The reprimand related to a verbal altercation between an Officer and NCO.

  • Not Guilty
    21 May 2018 Mr. Conway represented an Airman at Lackland AFB. He was accused of two specifications of Abusive Sexual Contact - among other things. He was found not guilty of both specifications of abusive sexual contact. He was found guilty of sexual harassment but was retained by the panel and given a rank reduction.
    22 April 2019 Mr. Conway obtained a no basis finding for a Navy Chief accused of wrongfully using ecstasy.
    22 January 2019 Mr. Pristera successfully represented an Army Officer facing separation for an inappropriate relationship with an NCO. The board found that no basis existed for separation and that the evidence did not support the allegation.
  • Officer Evaluation Report Appeal
    22 October 2018 Mr. Pristera successfully argued for a Army Officer’s Referred OER to be amended and for the referral to be removed. The Officer will now receive a special selection board as well to determine if she should have been promoted with the corrected OER in her file.
    23 April 2019

    Mr. Conway obtained retention at a special court-martial for a service-member that pleaded to solicit donations from trainees at the School of Infantry.

  • QMP
    25 January 2019 Mr. Flynn successfully represented an E-8 facing separation through a QMP (Qualitative Management Program) action. Mr. Flynn was able to articulate to the President of the QMP Board that an isolated GOMOR was not reflective of the Soldier’s extended career.
  • Air Force Board for Correction
    25 September 2018 Ms Johnson-Naumann represented an Airman before the Air Force Board for Correction of Military Records (AFBCMR) and obtained her promotion to Chief Master Sergeant. The AFBCMR also ordered the removal of her referral Enlisted Performance Report, Letter of Reprimand, and all references of her removal as a Superintendent, and further directed she be awarded the Meritorious Service Medal.
  • Withdrawal & Dismissal
    26 December 2018 The firm achieved withdrawal and dismissal without prejudice of sexual assault allegations.
  • Reinstatement on Active Duty
    26 December 2018 Ms. Johnson-Naumann obtained reinstatement on active duty of an Air Force first lieutenant improperly discharged.
  • Article 120 - Mixed Finding of Not Guilty
    27 August 2018 Mr. Conway represented an Airman at Randolph AFB, San Antonio, Texas accused of sexual abuse of a child. There were mixed charges with the most serious being forcible oral sex and the remaining involving touching through clothing. A jury found the Airman not guilty of forcing the child to perform oral sex.
    29 April 2019 Mr. Conway obtained dismissal of sexual assault charges on a minor dependent. Contact us for further details.
    29 January 2019 Mr. Pristera successfully represented a Sailor facing separation for prescription drug abuse. The service member was retained and the board found no basis for separation.
  • Not Guilty of All Charges
    3 May 2018 Mr. Conway represented a Soldier in Alaska accused of strangling his wife - among other things. After a week-long trial, the Soldier was found NOT GUILTY of all charges and specifications.
    3 May 2019 Mr. Conway obtained dismissal of two sexual assault charges on a minor. Contact us for further details.
  • AR 15-6 Investigation
    4 January 2019 Mr. Flynn successfully defended an Army officer facing an AR 15-6 investigation for dereliction of duty and failure to obey lawful orders. The administrative flag was removed and the officer has returned to normal duty.
    6 May 2019

    Mr. Pristera and Mr. Flynn obtained a re-sentencing hearing for a criminal appeal. They got one charge dismissed. They obtained a 5-year reduction in the sentence.

    7 May 2019

    Mr. Myers obtained relief in the Court of Federal Claims for any Army officer denied the ability to apply his GI Bill to his dependents.

  • Specifications Dismissed
    8 June 2018 Mr. Conway represented a Marine in Okinawa charged with 5 specifications of sexual assault and one specification of attempted sexual assault. There were two victims, a fresh report, and DNA evidence. Mr. Conway negotiated a deal dismissing 3 specifications of sexual assault and the attempted sexual assault. We also agreed to a lesser included offense involving a touching rather than attempted sexual assault. We had a 36-month cap and the judge imposed 9 years. Plainly the 36-month deal was the right decision.
  • Court of Criminal Appeals Reversal
    9 July 2018 Mr. Pristera obtained additional post-trial hearings for a Soldier that pleaded guilty to two specifications where the statute of limitations had expired.