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Your Right to an Attorney

All service members have a 6th Amendment Right to Counsel under the Constitution. This right to counsel applies to nearly every adverse action that the military can take (there are very few exceptions - e.g. cadet misconduct hearings).

Most clients come to our firm because they want the most experienced representation available. Others come to the firm because they've found that the active duty military attorneys are unavailable to them. The firm has had a wonderful relationship with our colleagues in the JAG Corps over the years. The stakes in a military case, however, are so high that it is important for you to have counsel that you can communicate and collaborate with in crafting the best strategy for your case. Our experience also gives us a unique perspective as to the collateral consequences of your decisions.

Our disciplined, deliberate and aggressive approach to defending military clients has served us well. We are time tested. Focused attention on early evaluation and resolution is what allows us to achieve targeted results as early as possible in litigated matters, whether through communication with commanders, negotiation, motion practice, or a skillful understanding of the law.

Together with our clients we develop an appropriate defense strategy, litigation plan and time schedule as it relates to completion of specific tasks and/or phases. We are a working firm and our partners and of counsel are “hands on” with each and every matter. Depending on the complexity of the issues involved, a backup attorney may be assigned to assist in the case. We have law clerks available for legal research.

Clients do not want “surprises” in their cases and neither do we. We communicate with clients regularly and often. Communication is a two-way street and we encourage client's to contact us when they have concerns or thoughts about their cases. Our attorneys are easily accessible through multiple channels. We aggressively pursue the targeted result in a focused, efficient and effective manner.

We are constantly striving to improve our use of technology in our practice. We use various applications to give our clients an ability to track and contribute to their case. Contact us now for a free case evaluation.

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