Marijuana detection windows

Here is some background information on marijuana. Keep in mind things like frequency of use, hydration, quantity, and type can all affect detection windows. These are just general guidelines that we typically hear toxicologists testify to.

Examples of Marijuana Detection Windows

  • ​Schedule I
  • ​Cutoff - 15ng/ml
  • Detection windows
  • ​Light use - 1-3 days
  • Moderate use - 3-5 days
  • ​Heavy use - 10+ days
  • Oral ingestion usually 1-5 days
  • ​1/2 life - 18-24 hours
  • ​Urinalysis shows use and not impairment
  • ​Greater than 150ng/ml generally indicates a recent use
  • 50-100ng/ml is generally a low amount
  • ​Less than 50ng/ml raises the real possibility of a passive or innocent ingestion defense.
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