Innocent Oral Ingestion of Cocaine

This week Mr. Conway will be doing an administrative separation board involving the innocent oral ingestion of cocaine. Often, prospective clients call us indicating that the have no idea how they tested positive for cocaine. Nearly always the amount of cocaine metabolite detected in their system was minimal.

I'm frequently reminded of the now famous Randy Baselt study. He was a doctor who ingested 25mg of cocaine in 6 ounces of decaffeinated coca cola. He then tested his urine at various intervals.

Here are the levels found in his urine.

Time Since Cocalne/metabollte Concentration by GCIMS (nglmL)
Dose (h) by RIA (nglmL) Cocaine Benzoylecgonlne
Hr IA Cocaine concentration BE concentration
1 > 1000 269 3740
6 > 1000 23 4920
12 > 1000 ND 7940
24 > 1000 ND 5240
48 > 300 ND 360
72 > 150 ND 58

The effects he felt were the slight numbness of the oral cavity and a headache.

Does Oral Ingestion of Cocaine Show on a Drug Test?

His conclusion was that small oral doses of cocaine, potentially undetectable to the user, may cause positive urine test results for at least 48 h, using routine laboratory methods.

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