Understanding the Army Promotion Review Board (PRB)

A Promotion Review Board (PRB) is used to consider the promotion status of officers recommended for removal from a promotion list. The board is most often convened post-selection because of newly discovered adverse information.

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Army Regulation 600-8-29 provides guidance for Promotion Review Boards. Paragraph 8-2 provides that HQDA continuously reviews promotion lists to ensure that officers selected for promotion are “mentally, physically, morally, or professionally” qualified to perform the duties of the higher grade.

Officers typically have 14 days to respond to a delay of promotion notice (30 days if a reservist). Generally, the board is held within four months of receipt of your rebuttal. Our most recent PRB case, indicated that the Secretary of the Army would make a final decision in about 10 months. The PRB will be composed of six members senior to the officer being considered for promotion that make a recommendation based on majority vote.

The board will not notify you of their recommendation. They will forward it to the Secretary of the Army. If you are retained on the promotion list, you will receive notification through official email. You could be awarded back pay. If you are removed from the promotion list, your chain of command will notify you. Any removal will count as a non-selection. If you are removed, you will be considered by the next regularly scheduled selection board. However, that reconsideration cannot take place within 30 days from receipt of your notification of removal.

Lawyers can be particularly helpful in organizing the correspondence, letters of recommendation, and analysis around the factors in AR 600-8-29.

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