What is titling?

Titling. What is it? We receive phone calls with regularity from Soldiers who have been titled as the subjects in investigations.

​This blog entry will shed some light on what it means to be titled. The short definition is that titling is the decision to place the name of a person in the subject block of a CID report of investigation. The standard that agents use is whether credible information exists which would cause a reasonable person to suspect the subject may have committed a criminal offense. It is a pretty low standard.

​The titling decision is considered to be operational. In other words, the decision rests with the CID agent. It is not a probable cause determination. It does not mean that an offense was substantiated. It's simply a decision to label a person a subject in an investigation.

​The most significant implication of a titling decision is that the subject's name is indexed in DCII and with the Army Crime Records Center. The subject is usually also flagged.

​Access to DCII is significant. It can cause future problems in the event of job applications that conduct background searches.

Titling actions can be appealed through CID and the ABCMR.​

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