Current army board for correction of military records response times

The backlog at the Army Board for Correction of Military Records has been an ongoing problem for some time. In the past, the ABCMR has cautioned that responses can take up to a year. Their new standard response has only gotten worse.

Ordinarily, our firm communicates with the Case Management Director for updates. It's a quicker method of getting case updates. A client, however, recently received the following response from the ABCMR:

"Your case is active and has been here for 543-days. We are currently working over 20,00 cases, with 7,000 of them over 600-days. We are processing them as quickly as we can, and have even hired 20-additional employees to get after the backlog, but the reality is that it is taking over 800-days to adjudicate cases..."

A 20,000 case backlog is clearly an issue. But, it means it's all the more important for counsel to clearly and concisely articulate the error, submit only documents required for success, and to make the analyst's job as easy as possible in granting relief.
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