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What Is Article 121 of UCMJ?

UCMJ Article 121 covers both larceny and wrongful appropriation. Under Article 121, any member of the USAF who removes another's property from their possession without their consent may face charges. However, the laws are not as simple as they seem. Financially motivated crimes are taken very seriously in the military and if you have been accused or arrested, you're likely facing a tough time ahead.

Depending on the circumstances, you may be at risk for:

  • The loss of your military salary, pension, and healthcare
  • Bad conduct or dishonorable discharge
  • Possible confinement

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UCMJ Larceny & Wrongful Appropriation

The two criminal offenses (larceny and wrongful appropriation) handled under Article 121 have factors must be used to prove that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. In order to reach a conviction, the prosecution must show that you obtained or took property from another, that the property belonged to them, that it was of a specific value, and that you did so purposefully to deprive them of the property.

The main difference between larceny and wrongful appropriation is that with a larceny charge, it must be proven that you did not have the intent of returning the property. Wrongful appropriation charges involve the taking of property to use as leverage or related nefarious purposes while intending to return it.

Defense Strategies for Article 121 Offenses

Once we take on your case at Gary Myers, Daniel Conway & Associates, the first step will be to review your entire military background and the circumstances of your arrest. This gives us the information we need to prepare an effective defense strategy. A few possible defense strategies include questioning whether law enforcement handled your case according to the law, whether any evidence was handled properly, and building a narrative relating to your intentions. Accusations of larceny or wrongful appropriation do not have to ruin your life or your career. Our military Article 121 defense lawyers are here to help.

Aggressive Criminal Defense for Military Personnel

If you are at risk for a conviction and these penalties, hiring a military Article 121 defense lawyer is in your best interest. At Gary Myers, Daniel Conway & Associates, we have more than 100 years of combined experience protecting the freedom and future of military personnel like yourself.

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